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DMV3022 | DMV3026 | DMV4022 | DMV4026

Rough processing of powerful mid-cutting and high speed, high precision finishing processing are possible
  • Accomplishment of high speed through adoption of high quality Guide way (X axis)
  • Adoption of ball screw with hollow shaft core cooling which minimizes heat displacement during long hours of operation(Y/Z axis)
  • High performance Servo motor, direct drive type feed drive system for high accuracy(X/Y axis)
  • Improved accuracy of feed by minimizing the distance from the center of main spindle to slant beam
  • Solid base and wide guide way improve precision of heavy material processing
  • Standard installation of high volume main spindle cooling device

Distance between Column(mm)




Table Size(mm)
3200X1800 3200X2000 4200X1800 4200X2200
Table Load(Kg) 10000 10000 12000 13000
Travel(X/Y/Z/W)(mm) 3200X2200X1000 3200X2600X1000 4000X2200X1000 4000X2600X1000
Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z/W)( m/min.) 10/10/12 10/10/12 10/10/12 10/10/12
Spindle Taper(NT) NT#50 NT#50 NT#50 NT#50
Max. Speed(rpm) 6000(8000) 6000(8000) 6000(8000) 6000(8000)
Spindle Power(kw) 22/18.5 22/18.5


Tool Storage Capacity(EA) 


40 40 40

High Speed Processor
HSM1500 | HSM2500 | HSM600/5A

  • Standard installation of axis core cooling Ball Screw secures reliability in long hours of operation
  • Structure inhibits twisting of cross rail and change in accuracy, and enables correction
  • Installation of pre-docking function (600Block) and automatic speed acceleration/deceleration function for high speed processing
  • Reduced vibration and noise during high speed rotation through adoption of built-in main spindle motor
  • Standard installation of room temperature tuning type cooling device for long hours of high speed continuous operation
  • Operator’s access to table is convenient and low table height makes tool change easy
  • High performance tilting and rotating table with adoption of multiple special hypoid gear (HSM600/5A)

Table Size(mm) 1500x1500 1500X2500 500x500(Ø600)
Table Load(Kg) 1500 2500 300
Travel(X/Y/Z)(mm)   1600/1500/700  1600/2500/700 1250/1100/700
Travel (A/C)(mm)     130/360
Feedrates(m/min) 32/32/32 32/32/16 32/32/32
Rapid(A/C)(degrees)     10800(30 rpm)
Spindle Taper(NT)  NT#40 NT#40 NT#40
Max. Speed(rpm) 12000(20000) 12000(20000) 12000(20000)